Special about the green zero in roulette?

Roulette is one of the oldest casino games and although several countries are credited with its invention, it is somehow a game that belongs to the world because of its popularity and acceptance.

It has always been a game that brings elegance, surely by its design and colors, besides the croupier and the assistants that are in each one of the tables, that also contribute style to the game. The roulette table and the wheel, in themselves, are very imposing, both in face-to-face casinos and online casinos.

The combination of colours is very strong and represents a bit of the aristocratic history of the game. That’s why both people who like casino games and those who don’t, easily recognize it.

The colors of roulette

In Bitcasino we know a lot about roulette, therefore, it seems vital to us to emphasize the importance of the colors that are included in them and the energy and power that they add to each game experience.

The first color that stands out is the original green of the table mat. In the first modern roulette was dark green, but over time was adopting other ranges of this color and even some types of blue, such as the so-called blue “navy” for its reference to the blue used in uniforms.

The rug is not smooth, it has boxes where the bets are made. Likewise, the chips with which money is bet and represented are of different colors, according to their value.

Other colors in casinos

The colors are not only important in roulette, but also in the rest of the games of chance and in the same traditional and online casinos. The use of some colors in this industry concerns how people perceive colors and what they relate them to. For example, during periods of history when gambling was clandestine, pool tables were said to be green because they mimicked the lawn and, in the case of a police raid, could be hidden more easily.

Regardless of repeated sayings that say that casinos use the colors of their d├ęcor or graphics to keep customers playing longer, it is a fact that the color that so prevalent in casinos creates a warm and safe environment to play with confidence. Without a doubt, colors influence our mood and the aim of casinos is to make us feel good so that the whole gambling experience is pleasant.

On the other hand, not only the table or the roulette table mat are green. This color is very present in the decoration and online games. For gamblers it is natural to find the color green while playing on a screen or in a physical casino and perhaps do not know how important it is. It is possible to say that the color green in all its ranges has been involved with gambling for many years and is now used as part of the tradition of casinos.

Also, expert gambling house decorators and online gambling developers know that green conveys confidence, stability, hope and optimism, because they apply the psychology of color like any interior designer or image creator.

In our casino, colors are present in all games because we are convinced that they are one of the most important characteristics that conveys the spirit of fun that we want all who visit us to enjoy.

Arrangement of numbers

Without a doubt, in addition to the colors, the numbers are also great protagonists of the roulette tables, the poker or blackjack cards and in the pay-lines presented by the slots.

In the case of roulette, the arrangement of the numbers on the table is not random. On the contrary, it is a design thought and developed according to what roulette is as a sophisticated casino game from the aesthetic and mathematical point of view.

The first design similar to the one used today in European roulette had 36 numbers (Blaise Pascal’s design) and then the zero was added (the Branc brothers). Pascal’s first objective was to offer a game in which all players had an equal chance of winning.

The importance of the famous green zero

The addition of zero and double green zero at the roulette table came later for the dealer to have his number and his specific advantage represented by this number. Therefore, no bets can be made on numbers that include zero or double zero on the green carpet. If zero had not been added many years ago at the roulette table, today we could bet on black or red, and always win on both sides, or the result of our bets could be expressed as “at least you wouldn’t lose”.

All casino games carry the concept of house advantage and each of them has one in particular. The basic theory of this concept says that it is the money that the casino generates for itself, which is natural since casinos are companies like any other, that want to have economic profits.

Another way to explain the advantage of the house would be to describe it as that of all the bets that the gamblers make on the roulette table, the famous green carpet, the casino pays to the gamblers all the money that is played, minus a small percentage or advantage of the house.

Let’s not let the green zero take away our desire to play

Whether there is a home advantage or a disadvantage for the player does not mean that the players cannot win at roulette. The fear of the green zero is generated by the exaggerated importance that has been given. Some players visualize the house advantage in roulette as a minimum rate of 2.7%, which is applied to each player’s win. Basically, this decreases the bettor’s winnings, but it doesn’t mean that he can’t keep winning.

It is essential to re-emphasize the difference between the two most played roulette types, American and European, in relation to green zeros. The European roulette table has only one zero, while the American table has two, so the percentages mentioned on the house advantage only refer to the European roulette.

In the American, the disadvantage of the player is greater, we could say that is double by the two zeros, but that is not an impediment for players to continue betting on this roulette and defying the green zeros or zeros.

Are there no green zero roulette today?

This question allows us to imagine a roulette without green zeros. The answer is yes, in the world of online casinos. This type of roulette is perfect for players who like to bet on probability, for example, even/impar, red/black, high/low.

In this way the possibilities presented in the game are balanced. Payout rates are generally maintained, but the odds of winning increase. However, the rules of this roulette vary in relation to those of roulette with green zeros.

In general, a fixed commission is charged to the player in each new round, spin or spin as it is also called. This creates a new balance and decreases the bettor’s profits, albeit by a small percentage. Therefore, it is advisable to review in detail all the rules of each roulette before you start betting.

In this way, the player is assured of a much more informed and conscious way of playing. There is no doubt that the green zero is very important in the game of roulette whether or not it is present on the table, so knowing the details mentioned is an advantage.