You want to win on your sports betting?

Addresses the basic concepts that are handled in the world of sports betting and knows the keys to make a safer bet

For some time now there has been an activity that has been filling the advertising spaces in sporting events. The sports bets have gone, in a short space of time, from not being visible to being presented in all areas. It is common to see advertising of sports betting houses in all media.

Inside the stadium we will see static advertising. In television they are almost monopoly. And not only during match breaks. Their propaganda is also present in the sports press. They even go further. It is already common to see “gurus” from the world of journalism even recommending bets.

Sports betting: where everyone seems to win

And we must emphasize the seeming. Not all that glitters is gold here either. Who more or less we have in our circle someone who claims that on Saturday won a three-figure amount with the victory of his team. If we look at the advertising of sports bookmakers, what do they teach us? Happy people, celebrating goals and winning, always winning.

However, the reality is quite different. Can you make money by betting? Absolutely yes. Does everyone win? Evidently, no. You don’t have to resort to the popular saying to discover that nobody gives away hard to four pesetas. That it’s not all rosy. And that, as in real life, to earn money you have to follow a method and be counted and know where we invest.

Advertising, our environment or simple curiosity can make us, in a given moment, open an account in a sports betting house. It doesn’t matter if online or physical. It is very easy to enter the world of sports betting.

But the best recommendation that can be given before it is that it is necessary to be formed. Knowing the basic concepts of the world of betting is the first victory that can be obtained in this field. It is only the first step of many if you want to be a winner.

Basic concepts of sports betting

Some of the basic concepts to be handled are simple. Others, as time goes by, will go from complex to habitual. What may at first seem incomprehensible will become simple. You just have to adapt the language to the technical concepts. For example:


It’s our capital. The money we’ve decided to pay into the sports betting house. All funds available for betting. And here it is necessary to emphasize that we should only bet the money that we do not need for anything. That money that we have left over and that does not urge us to pay our obligations in the medium term.


Once we have seen a bet that we like and that we believe is going to be a winner, the stake is the money we bet. It is measured in units. Our bank is divided in 100 units and to say that we bet a stake 2 means that we bet 2 units. (2 euros if our available money in the account is 100 euros).

The stake is a simple and, at the same time, the most complex concept in the world of sports betting. Knowing how to manage our bank and knowing how to assign a suitable stake to each one of our bets is part of our future success.


That’s what the bookmaker pays us if our bet’s a winner. For example: if we bet two units on the victory of Real Madrid at 1.75 the quota is precisely that: 1.75. And how do I know how much I win? Well, by means of the following formula: (units bet x quota) – units bet. In the example: (2 units x 1.75) – 2 = 1.50.

Three very basic concepts that form the basis of all subsequent knowledge. Little by little we discover the types of bets available, hundreds there are for each match, and the daily operation of a sports betting house.

There are courses to train you

The universe of sports betting is complex, difficult, but undoubtedly very entertaining. As in sport in general, losing is normal. But if you want to be a winner in this complicated world you have to be trained. Not everything goes. And you don’t earn easy money. Having a good base, a solid knowledge and a cool head being organized are the guidelines for success.

Yes, it is possible to make money by betting. And if you don’t know in depth how sports betting is, the best way to learn is through our new online Expert Course in Sports Betting. Updated with the latest news, with an agenda developed step by step and that, when you finish, will give you the opportunity to test your knowledge with a juicy bonus. So that winning by betting does not cost you anything.